White Colorado Phone Necklace

Handmade with love in Dubai, UAE ♥

The UMI&U Phone Necklace was created to suit the hustle of an active and stylish lifestyle. They are fashionable, functional and enable you to be free as can be, living life hands-free!

With the Colorado Phone Necklaces, you are guaranteed style at no cost to efficiency. Back at it with durable cords in bright exciting colours, we have added gold glossy beads with monogrammed matte gold coins and tassels in a fashionable selection of colours to complement any outfit. 

Product Details

  • The case: A 4-corner bumper protection case for shock and impact absorption with 3-mm raised case lip to protect your screen and camera
  • The cord: Hollow braided, weather and dirt resistant PMP cord with sliders that allow adjustment of cord length as desired.

Fine Print: The necklaces are handmade and may therefore present minor differences between them. The necklace and smartphone case does not guarantee 100% protection for your phone.

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