Sun & Rain

Let's go chasing rainbows! This color bursting crossbody strap is the ultimate unicorn makeover for your phone! Featuring our signature gold tubes, UMI&U engraved hardware and a stunning silky smooth cord braided from eight different colored strands! Pretty good chances to match your mani or outfit ;) Life can be a rollercoaster, but for sure it's never dull! 〰️

» Super durable and non-toxic 6mm EU PPM cord
» Clear iphone case with 4-corner protective bumpers
» Easy length adjustment via branded slider
» High end quality hardware
» Multicolor cord & deep pink tassel
» Double ring-attachment keeping phone in non-flip position

Fine Print: The smartphone necklaces are handmade and may therefore present minor variations. Strap and smartphone case do not guarantee 100% protection for your phone.